Through the analysis of the main strengths and weaknesses of every brand, TheComplainers identifies growth opportunities and elaborates specific strategies to build a more strong and recognizable brand identity. The image, the values, the storytelling and building a community that identifies with the brand are the fundamental aim.


    Building a community around a brand is essential for TheComplainers. Relying on a network of opinion leaders and both international and national influencers, TheComplainers builds much more human and authentic relationships between a brand and its own target. With the same aim of promoting a brand building long lasting relationships, TheComplainers plans events from start to finish.


    TheComplainers is specialized in the production of brand contents for ADV campaigns, web and social media, lookbooks, editorials and videos. Following each client’s own necessity, TheComplainers uses its own internal team and the support of external professionals; art directors, photographers, video makers, stylists and casting directors. 


    TheComplainers is in charge of social media management, working every step until the final output: sharing the contents. From studying a strategy to the proposal of a moodboard, from a shooting production to post-production, from graphic design to copywriting, from the development of special project to influencer marketing. TheComplainers’ service plan includes a 24/7 customer service and monthly reports for all the social activities to help the brand in tracking the development of its own engagement.